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Hectic Morning
Hectic morning. Woke up this morning at 6, as per usual since G insists on sleeping w/ us for the last hour.. dragged my @ss out of bed and went and got her, zombied her into bed and rolled over and slept till 7:15. Jumped out of bed and got G breakfast, made tea. I was fasting this morning so I couldn't eat.  Jumped in the shower, out the door by 8 am.  Got blood drawn, they expected me to pee in a cup after requiring me to fast 12 hours.. yeah that didn't happen. Starving, drove to Wegman's grabbed a cup of coffee and a sandwich, made my way back home by about 9:15.

Dave finished sanding the great room wall- today its onto painting, probably tonight. We have to paint and put up trim all before we take the scaffold back to the rental center by Friday am.  Still need to sand G's room.  I promised myself I wouldn't paint her room pink, but that was 2 years ago. She loves the color, so we chose 'Tink Pink' for her room wall. So she will have one pink wall and 3 brown. Great room wall will be white with some wood panels with leaves carved into them. Have had them for 2-3 years now, but never got around to hanging them.

This weekend is Dave's pinball thing, still not sure if G and I are going or not.  I am going to look online to see if there is something nearby that we can do while Dave is pinball'n. Having a year and a half year old in a busy pinball arena is not ideal. 

Back to work, still trying to figure out all of this new stuff.

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