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Colorado, a breath of fresh air
Haven't written anything in a while, so I thought I'd write down what I'll forget in 2 months.

Speaking of forgetfullness, found out from a friend that my use of Splenda daily could be causing my memory to fail. Not surprising.. there has to be a negative impact to all the artificial sweetener I put in my body. Two packs a day, I sound like a ciggie smoker.

Went to Boulder Mother's Day weekend. Boy did that piss off a few mothers. Oh well, I've come to the realization that I am in fact a mother too and I don't need to be constantly guilt-ed into doing things for mothers.. I am a mother too dammit!

Went to a baby shower, well that was the excuse anyway, when the reality is that I wanted to visit my soul-mate friend, Pam. I call her my soul-mate gal because I don't normally get along with women that well.. but when I met Pam and hung out with her 5 years ago something was different. She relates to me and I to her- we both come from similar backgrounds, screwed up families and poor-ness. We can't stop talking, talked for hours Friday when I arrived, and every evening thereafter. I need to make more of an effort to call her at least once a month because I am so bad at the maintenance thing.

I brought Gwen with me- something that basically threw my mother in law for a curve. Gwen and I alone? Oh my goodness its too dangerous to fly alone.. what? I mean honestly how many single woman do that with their kids on a daily basis? Thousands? There's more single mother families out there than married ones; it's really not that hard to fathom... honestly.

Besides, it gave Dave the opportunity to run off to Vegas and jump of an 800 foot tower. Sometimes it's good to get away for a few days.

I arrived Friday night with Gwen, Pam picked us up, and she had trouble right away. The idea was that her 16 year old was going to take care of Gwen while we were at the tea party/baby shower on Saturday.. however she skipped some classes and so Pam was forced to discipline her daughter for an hour after we arrived at her house. Her daughter was NOT happy about this and was grounded.. so I told Pam there was NO way an angry teen was going to watch Gwen. Pam understood.

We spent so much time talking we forgot to eat till about 8 pm her time which was about 10 pm ours.. so we ordered Chinese. Gwen was grumpy because her sleep time was all thrown off, but happily played with the 3 little (and I mean l.i.t.t.l.e) dogs that Pam owned. In the middle of the night Gwen woke up and said she wanted her mommy, which threw me off because I was laying right next to her, and tried to explain I was mommy and that she was alright. Then she began arguing with me about putting my glasses on which I obviously did not need to do at 3 am. Anyway I am sure we woke the entire house up that first evening, but so is the life of having a 2 year old.

Saturday came and we got up bright and early for the shower in Denver, 45 minutes away. Gwen was dressed in a bohemian dress (I sort of expected I wouldn't be leaving her with the teen when I packed) and I in a shirt and jeans. Then off we went to the shower, or at least G and I were in the car while Pam went back and forth into the house for things she forgot. She has so much going on with two teenagers.. they constantly want something from her even at that age. I watched as she was pulled this way and that- 'hey ma look at my skateboard', 'hey ma did you buy the birthday present for my friend', 'hey ma can I spend the night at..', 'hey ma what's for dinner'. It's kinda funny to think you have a child and from year 0 to year 20 they need you.

G started acting up at the shower before people arrived, just crankiness b/c she didn't get a good night's sleep. I strolled her round and round the opulent hotel built in the 1800's... with its floral wallpaper and wrought iron fencing around the corridor. A harp was playing somewhere in the lobby. After a while she calmed down and we went back to the tea party where guests were arriving. I quickly threw the jeopardy game together I promised Pam I'd set up and gave G an ipod with Yo Gabba Gabba playing. She did not want to exit the stroller and grew board of the show... at which point 3 other mothers came up with their ipods/iphones and started to offer other things. First it was Mickey Mouse.. then came Wally.. then Sesame Street. Gwen seemed content. I handed her a few balloons and she settled back into her seat.

Tea and cakes came next. Gwen got out of the stroller and sat on my lap while I fed her oh, I don't know, about 1/2 dozen chocolate mousse bite-size snacks while I had some tea. She was the only child there and I felt sort of guilty, but as long as she was quiet I wasn't too concerned that she was crashing the party.

Presents and cake came next, and Pam being the sweetie she was bought and wrapped G a Mr. Potato head so that she'd have something to unwrap. I didn't win any games but there was one where if you said the word 'baby' you had to give up your safety pin necklace... and at the end the winner was the one who had confiscated the most saftey pins. I was so busy chasing G that I never said 'baby' but didn't collect any either.. so I found the girl at my table with the most pins and offered mine up freely. She won by one pin.

At the end of the party while things were wrapping up I took G for a stroll around downtown Denver. Lots of rich history and new construction as well.. it was relaxing to just walk and not have to think. After a while we headed back and helped pick up and back to Boulder we went.

When we returned to Pam's it was near dinner time and Pam's 14 year old son was hungry. I offered up my Indian dish, Chicken Makhani, or just plain fajitas. Pam said she didn't care for curry but her son was so interested in the Indian dish the consensus was to make that. So we went off to the grocery store to buy supplies and left G with Pam's son and husband who proceeded to blow bubbles while the 3 dogs jumped up to pop them and G squealed in glee.

I don't even think she knew I left.

I made dinner and it was a hit with everyone, even Pam. That night we chatted more.. and put G to bed. Then out came a deck of cards and we played Omaha poker with pennies. It was a good day.

On Sunday we woke up early (5 am MST, 7 am EST) and I gave G a bath. Her night was alot better the second time around. I had coffee with Pam's husband who gets up at that hour every day.. and a couple of hours later breakfast arrived from Adobo which was a VERY tasty burrito which G to my surprise ate. Then off to Estes Park. Beautiful foothills of the Rockies... gorgeous vies of snow covered mountains and elk everywhere. Walked around Beaver Lake and took some photos. Went into town and had pizza and icecream before heading back.

When we got back to Pam's we started a bbq for a small get together with my friend Lan. She's also an awesome person- so outgoing and smart. Pam and I still shrug our shoulders as to why she's not in a relationship.. and told her the reason must be that she is picky. :)

Played ladderball, made burgers and hot dogs... watched G run around the small back yard with 4 dogs (Lan brought one).. while I instructed her to dodge poop. When she found some she would insist someone bring a bag to clean it up. So Pam, Lan and I were out there cleaning poop as G pointed and said 'poop need a bag'. Hit the hay pretty early that evening, about 10 pm MST... had to get up early the following morning to catch our plane.

On the day I returned I realized that I had forgot to call my mother on Mother's Day. I had a selfish weekend for myself and am not real sure I feel super bad about that.

It was a good weekend.

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Mom would complain if she was hung with a new rope, don't sweat it. I'll wear something fucking obnoxious this weekend, she'll point her hate at me instead. ;)

Also, this is the longest post you've ever made here. A sure sign that you needed the trip.

Also also, my brother is a madman. ;)

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