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Sick and Decisions
I have decided to take another job within the same company. I think its a good move- its in my career path. My manager approved it yesterday given that the job posting is still open, so over the next couple of days there will be more discussions and finalizations.

G is sick, she was up half the night coughing and all day yesterday her nose was running.  Today she is still sneezing and has a fever of 100.1, but she seems better like shes coming out of it. Sick children are no fun.

This weekend the in-laws come over. Haven't seen them in literally 2 months or so. D has been going over and doing some things with them, but I've been planted here working.

D and Don put G's wall up this weekend- its nearly finished from a dry wall perspective.. but at any rate she won't be falling off the balconey in her room which is the most important thing. I plan on painting it some sort of fairy purple.

Speaking of fairies, thinking about G's costume for Halloween. D and I wanted her to be a dragon so that we could dress up in our mideaval get-ups and walk around. But finding a dragon suit that doesn't scream 'boy' is looking impossible.

Today I am going to try to sneak out and go buy a new dishwasher. It used to work fine but now doesn't clean at all. With all the cooking I do and having a child who dirties dishes by the hour, I have no time to hand wash, which is looking right now like the only way the dishes will get clean.

October is full up- second weekend we go to York PA for the White Rose Pinball convention (unless I decide to stay home and paint and spakle), second weekend we plan on camping with Don and Celina at my parents and doing a lobster bake, and third weekend its down to NJ for visiting two friends that live that way.  Then Halloween which I have no idea what our plans are. Anyway, back to work.
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Good luck on the new job, if anything, it will at least have new challenges and interests.

And it sounds like G has the same thing I have. I've named it Lenny.

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