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So, went to the doctor to get my diabetes and thyroid issues checked out. Admittedly, I haven't been watching either of them.  In March I went in for a checkup and bloodwork and everything looked great. This time that was not the case. My ACL, which is a 3 month test of how your blood sugar levels have been doing, was 11. The good range is 6-7. Bad bad.  I didn't understand what I'd been doing wrong, I haven't gained weight, I just didn't get it. Then about an hour after the appointment I had an epiphany that the issue must be breast feeding. My doctor said that breast feeding would help keep my sugar level way down, and apparently that was the case, because I stopped in May and apparently ever since then I've been at high levels.

So they put me on more pills to see if it can fix the issue. The pills make me sick to my stomach. The pills seem to be keeping my glucose levels down, but not totally down so I fear its back to insulin. 

Originally when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes the doctors said it was related to weight. So I lost weight- didn't help. Then the doctors said it was related to pregnancy. But obviously that wasn't the case either. I have serious concern that I've had it all my life, and no one has ever tested me before 5 years ago.  I have concern that it is Type 1, not Type 2 and that these morons can't get it right. The lack of good health care in this area is seriously affecting my health. Who knows how much damage this has done to my body, how long I'll be around for G.

Anyway, I'll stop feeling sorry for myself for the moment. Last night was fun, went out with D and G to Friendly's then headed over to Lowes to look at dishwashers. Stainless steel was nice looking, but I thought it'd look out of place in my crummy old pantry where its sitting, so I went with a cheaper black one and it seems to clean beautifully.

Onto class- finishing up a 24 hour class on systems engineering today and tomorrow.

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Can you get an appointment with someone better to make sure the real situation is known?

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