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Final Days
These are the last days in September. The rain is coming down in torrents, thunder booming in the sky. Thunder in late September, odd.  Glad D got the chimney swept out yesterday so we can enjoy a warm fire later.  It's cold- or rather colder than I am used to this time of year, a balmy 58 degrees. I am sitting upstairs relishing in the fact that it's a Monday and I don't have morning meetings, or at least meetings that I have to attend, because in 3 days I'll be out of here.

Last days of old job, onto a new job. One that I am told won't be super exciting, but a necessary evil while on my way to better things. I am also told it won't be challenging, but who needs challenging right now when I have a 1 1/2 year old to keep up with?

Spackled, round 1 in G's room this weekend- will eventually have to go back and touch up in there.  This weekend =  renting a lift and doing the outside of the wall. Didn't really want to rush it but its our last free weekend before November. Thanksgiving and Christmas follow. Can't believe how the year flew.  Oct 10 is D's pinball thing- still debating if I want to go or stay home.  It's fun for a few minutes, while G races around the room and pushes the ball launcher.  She actually did that for the 15 minutes I spent w/ her at the last PAPA, and proceeded to find a very flashy red launch button. Now normally those buttons are not buttons at all, but launch plungers. This one happened to be a shiny red button. Ooo pretty. She ran over and pushed it. And I let her, probably because it was early Friday night, limited chaos (few people there) and I had just got off a plane back from AZ, tired and not being the annoying parent who won't let their child touch or experience anything.  So she hits the red button, no one around. Suddenly a ball launches. Now correct me if I am wrong, but unless you are on free play and press the start button, or put a quarter in, the ball shouldn't launch.  But yes, it launches. Suddenly out of nowhere comes a guy who frantically tries to save the ball, apparently walking away for a moment. Now I wouldn't have let her play with a machine that someone was clearly playing on. But apparently someone was on that machine, and walked away, so you know what? Losing the ball is your own damn problem. 

A couple of years ago, had that been my ball, and a child did that, I would be annoyed with the kid and the mother who let the kid hit the button. But now I understand why kids do what they do. I still strive to be that parent who doesn't allow their child to become too annoying, however. 

Regardless, no matter what, I'll keep on pressing that red button no matter how scary it might be and will encourage G to do the same.


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