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Last night included first rushing to get dinner done from 5-6, clean up, get back downstairs for a 6-7 call with a pain in the arse account, back upstairs to take a walk with the family around the field (so Indy can poop), then back inside to paint the great room wall flat white. Once finished, realized there were about 3 spots that needed to be re-patched. Noting but a giant flat wall expanse, so easy to see our little defects. We are just really really bad at dry wall. It wasn't so much the sanding this time as it was the bubbles that the tape seemed to cause. Ah well.

Sent out email to the 12 friends for our camping trip Oct 17- not so much camping as snuggling up next to a fire in my paren'ts cabin. Should be fun. Hopefully it won't be too chilly to get outside and play with the 3-4 dogs coming over. Should be a great time! Speaking of which, I need to get my halloween ginger cookies baked some time, not sure when though given the hectic month. This is the 4th year in a row that October has been hectic. Previous years included Vegas trips, Boston, Germany.  I'd love to get back to Europe next year.  G's got a passport!

Back to it, my new team lead is pinging me.

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Yeah, it sounds like you three could use a half a day off, at least. Thanks again for your help!

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