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Technology is fun
Wow, my email program really is a piece of crap when it comes to slow databases. The *new and improved* version of this email program (of which I will not identify the name) basically ignores the fact that there are some people out there with a slow connection. I have changed jobs, and therefore decided to get rid of my local copy of a 3 gig database that I had been replicating over daily to support my old org.. and now having to work from the server copy if I have to get in there. So far its been 13 minutes and I cannot get this request switched over to my queue.  Now what makes this my email program's fault? The database is embedded in my email program, and so is my chat program. So I cannot do email, get to my calendar for a call that I am 11 minutes late for, and cannot get to my chat program to tell anyone that I am going to be late because I cannot see the dial in information!  Such a stupid piece of crap. In addition, if I send an email that is, let's say, 10 mb with an attachment, it won't put it in the background and send it like gmail would, it instead sits there and uploads and sends it while again, my chat program is locked up.  

The entire set of tools in this world assumes you have at a minimum broadband cable access. I miss that soo much. On top of that, my company is talking about this new thing called 'Cloud Computing' in which basically from a desktop perspective you'd have to access all of your tools (ie Word) from the internet. The internet! I'll not be able to work from home, for sure if that happens. And that really would mean a 2.5 hour commute to Endicott and back daily to get broadband which would totally suck.  I suspect within the next 5 years, unless things from an interenet infrastructure change out here in rural America, I'll be in trouble. I hope Obama does put some focus on this.

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Yeah I can get to broadband relatively easily around here.. issue is that I need to be on the phone half the day and that's not conducive to a public spot.

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